Career Services/Alumni

Career Services/Alumni

Career Services

As a Platt College student or graduate, you have a team of professionals working with you to turn your dream of a great new career into a reality.

Throughout our program, our dedicated College Career Services team works with you to develop the skills you need to find the right opportunities, market yourself for those opportunities and get the job offer that is right for you.

Our goal is to train you with the skills you need not only to get started in a new career, but to also help you advance within your career field for years to come, including:

  • Searching and pinpointing employment opportunities that are right for you
  • Creating a professional resume and effective cover letter
  • Making contacts and networking in your career field
  • Researching potential employers
  • Job interviewing coaching and practice
  • Soft skills enhancement and communication development
  • Post-interview follow-up

Another great benefit of being a student at Platt College is our team understands that, for many students, having temporary or part-time work is important while attending school. With this in mind, our College Career Services team will assist you with finding a temporary or part-time position that will afford you the ability to simultaneously work and go to school.

As you can see, our College Career Services team is focused on your success, both as a student and as a graduate.

For more information about how Platt College can help you, contact us today!


Our alumni are important to us. Every successful graduate has set the example for how an individual can invest in themselves through career education and improve their career options for the future. Not only do we recognize and appreciate your efforts, our goal is to remain connected with you.

For those who are interested in helping others, we encourage you to take an active role in mentoring current students on the positive changes they can make in their professional and personal lives.

We encourage our alumni to remain connected with Platt College and be an active participant in our network of successful graduates. Our alumni have great opportunities by remaining connected, including:

  • Mentoring current students by volunteering as a guest speaker for classroom sessions, special events and more
  • Networking with other graduates to increase your professional network
  • Serve as a member of Platt College’s Program Advisory committee, placing you in a position to make recommendations that will enhance our programs of study
  • Increase your visibility in your profession by participating in marketing testimonials, photo shoots and TV commercials
  • Benefitting your employer, company or organization by identifying upcoming graduates as potential new hires for open positions 

If you are interested in being involved as a Platt College alumnus, contact us today!